Our Leadership Team

Narjis Ali, CEO & President

Narjis Ali is the founder of Sure Secure Solutions. Leveraging her more than thirty years’ experience providing award-winning IT solutions to private and public clients, Narjis is a passionate leader who sees Sure Secure as an opportunity to take people who matter to places that matter. For Narjis, the future of Sure Secure is built on a strong team culture with passionate people looking to solve complex problems for its customers. Narjis spends most of her time meeting with government leaders looking for innovative solutions in cybersecurity, cloud security, and IT modernization but you can also catch her on social media musing on her life as an entrepreneur, her determination to modernize government, or all about her latest non-profit work. 

A devoted member to the community, Narjis is heavily involved in various non-profits to include a global entrepreneurial organization, educational and cancer institutes and most recently serving as a Board Member on Teach the World Foundation (TTWF).

Mickey Afzal, CTO & EVP

Mickey is an accomplished IT executive and a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Chief NASA Engineer Ralph R. Roe for his contribution to the Agency Cloud Provisioning Initiative. With more than 20 years’ experience executing IT operational strategies for commercial and federal clients, promoting organizational growth, and implementing emerging technologies, Mickey intimately understands rapidly changing IT landscapes and mission critical challenges which have earned him the trust of senior executives and CIOs in the federal government.

A CISSP better known as the “Chief Tinkerer,” you can catch Mickey dissecting new gadgets and putting them back together, or sending dad jokes to his team.

Arfa Syed

Arfa is Sure Secure’s Business Strategy & Growth Lead responsible for the company’s business development and growth, as well as people-first strategy. Arfa has helped Sure Secure’s federal clients address complex issues related to cyber hygiene, IT compliance, and risk management. Her ability to manage teams and projects with dispersed and tiered stakeholder communities and translate complex information to influence C-suite decisions has helped Sure Secure’s customers realize increased security and compliance earning the trust and respect of FedGov leaders.

Arfa has a passion for digital tech and often speaks at universities on disruptive marketing, managing your digital footprint, and using tech and social media for its benefits. In her free time, she’ll most likely be catching a comedy show or traveling with her friends and family.

Mignon Edorh

Mignon Edorh is Sure Secure’s Digital Transformation Lead with expertise in transforming the way her clients operate their cloud environments for operational efficiency and asset security. Her most recent work has enabled Federal clients to accurately tag assets in the cloud and build efficiencies that optimize performance to realize significant cost savings. Under her leadership, her teams have defined the policies that ensure security controls are implemented into the software development life cycle. Mignon also serves as Sure Secure Solutions’ QMS manager and establishes the organizations processes to provide our clients the highest-level of quality across all service areas.

In her spare time, Mignon is more than likely picking up the most recent cyber security or cloud certification for fun or researching on cutting edge technology and industry changes.

Maham Zakir

Maham Zakir is Sure Secure’s CX and Program Delivery Lead with more than 15 years’ experience in information technology and Cloud for Federal and Commercial implementation. Her client journey at Sure Secure started at FEMA to lead transformative integration approaches in grants management programs across the Agency enabled by innovative cloud solutions. Maham’s management experience includes overseeing project lifecycles and managing business development and pipelines, corporate strategy, business change management, and process optimization.

In her free time, Maham is a biotech aficionado working with clinical research organizations and biotech startups in the cancer diagnostics space to bring therapies to market.