Cyber Security

SURE SECURE has helped in building security and improving the security posture at several federal government agencies and commercial customers including at NASA, Department of Homeland Security, and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Our team brings extensive security engineering and information assurance, providing strategic information and compromise assessments highlighting areas that require immediate risk management strategies, and suggestions and recommendations on policy changes, network re-architecture and further re-strengthening the security posture and compliance of their information systems.  

Sure Secure provides quality Cyber Security services including Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring (CDM), Managed Cloud Environment (MCE) support, Cloud Security Assessment and Authorization (A&A), Cloud Risk Management Framework (RMF) Support, Security Test & Evaluation (ST&E) support, Penetration Testing, System Security Architecture Engineering, and Software Development Security, that completely satisfy our customers’ work requirements and performance standards. 

Our solution experts assist in maintaining and managing content delivery networks (CDN); providing web monitoring, metrics, and analytics solutions; and performing Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) operations. 

Identity & Access Management

Identity & access control are crucial cyber security design elements for any organization. We protect IT resources from unauthorized access by creating customizable granular controls.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

The threats to cyber security have become increasingly recurrent and varied. Multi-factor authentication can minimize these everyday threats. We have expertise in applying strong authentication techniques to fulfill the security requirements of mission-critical applications.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

Single sign-on eliminates the inconvenience of re-entering login information and provides security at all levels. It provides a mechanism for centralized reporting for compliance adherence. Our single sign-on solution allows a strong single identity to have seamless access across the enterprise.

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Secure System Integration

Secure integration helps enhance the value of your business and maximize the return on your IT security system investments. We believe in being your security system integration partners for the long term.

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Audit Logging

Information Assurance is invaluable in today’s cyber era. Loss of sensitive data can have drastic repercussions on organizational profits and credibility. We prevent unauthorized access to personal and sensitive information and ensure audit logging is enabled at all levels of the business processes.

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